Support for Coaxial Helicopter?

I've looked for a section all over the program and even though I can find the swash plate settings for a 90 degree swash I don't see anything for designating the motors for yaw control.  Is there support for this kind of helicopter?

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  • I have my coaxial setup so anytime you guys are ready.  It now has brushless motors with turnigy 6A escs and I'm using a vtail mixer for motor control but that can be taken out.

  • I can be interested to test the code on a Lama v3 ( fixed pitch,2 servos and 2 esc).

    I can have a lama v3 ( old mine) with some mods ( full Extrem kit and brushless motors ) for testing.

    And of course, crash, repair, re crash etc.... lol 

  • So my version 1 didn't work out, but I should be building v2 very soon.  I had too much flex and the blades ran into each other.  So whenever you would like to start code testing just give me a shout.

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    If possible it would be best to build the software around a readily available RC coaxial helicopter, like the lama3 so that the next group of people can more easily recreate/re-use what you've done.


    You guys are doing the work of course though so it's just a suggestion, it's completely up to you!

  • I'm totally interested in doing this, but I just need either a platform to do it on, or somebody willing to put up with the development process.  I program it, you compile and fly it, crash, repair, reprogram, etc...

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        No, I'm afraid we don't support coaxial helicopters although it has been discussed a couple of times.  There's an item on the issues/to-do list here.  And there was this discussion some time ago re this.

        It's a worthwhile thing to do ... just a matter of getting a developer interested enough to take it on.  It's not super difficult really..just needs someone to figure out what the control logic should be, write and then test a new AP_Motors class.

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