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Greetings,I'm a fisherman, trying to increase my chances of catching a big fish from Shore. This message comes after a long yet futile research done online. My interest is to create a drone that will be able to carry out my baits from Shore, 500-800 meters out, drop them, and to return safely to shore. It must be able to carry 1-1.5 pounds (bait and sinker), and release them on command. I have no understanding of the uav subject, yet would like to create a reliable drone. My personal preference is to modify a store bought drone, adding the release mechanism. To all of this, I would like to note that I'm on right budget, yet unable to assess the price of such a project.I'll be super thankful to any help and advice you guys can throw, because I'm pretty Dam lost with no clue where to start. Thanks!

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  • Hi there,

    My 17yr old son and I want to build a quad to take our 1,5 kg baits about 600m offshore. Can you assist us with the detail; frame specs, motors, etc. We know nothing about build quads. Been reading on the net .


  • Hey

    I think I can help with this its almost what i'm making but so can help you adapt what I think will work for your application

    It will be cheap and fairly easy to assemble and should hold up in any conditions you would want a livie or lines going out in.

    let me know if your still thinking about it? I might even have a crack at it my self.


  • I have a waterproof quadcopter Bullfrog from, since it is waterproof, I was thinking about tying a line to it with tissue paper, when the fish takes the bait, the drone is released from the event and you use the rod, switch on "return to launch" and the Bullfrog will return to the beach and land (NAZA-m V2 feature). Just a thought.

  • There is a waterproof drone made for fishing, it's the Aguadrone , not only can it carry out a 2 lb bait it also has a sonar on it , the product will be featured on CNBC TV show called "Make Me A Millionaire Inventor " this September ...and will be at the world's largest fishing trade show in Orlando in July , ICAST sportfishing show.
  • As an former surf fisherman myself, I totally understand. In the old days in north Florida, the shark fisherman used to pay a hippie (what's a hippie? someone with long hair and a kayak) to tow their lines out. I asked one of the kayak dudes how he knew when to start dropping the baited hooks. "I paddle out until there are sharks around me. Then I drop the hooks."

    This might be served from two perspectives - A spotter craft and a delivery craft. If you know of a trough between sand bars where the fish run, you really don't need a spotter. Watch the waves break and drop the load where they are not breaking. We like to think about a flying craft, but a water craft might be simpler to go with and it could be programed to return to shore. A flying craft, although faster, has serious limitations that are well documented.

    Dropping a bait/hook off a water craft could be tricky, but no more that off a flying craft.

    Interesting idea and discussion.


  • Hey Elad, your task is actually pretry simple one. There are tons of ways to release load with a simple servo, lookup flitetest videos those guys are great fans of releasing stuff in the air :) the simplest solution would be an RTF quanum nova from hobbyking or an equivalent quadcopter. As a release mechanism use a park size servo which would pull a pin holding a load something like a tow release from flitetest tow release. You can actually hack something like that yourself, I gave the link for design reference. Goodluck! 

  • Interesting problem.
    Sadly I don't think that any RTF product in the $150 range will have the power/wind resistance or flight intelligence that you will want/need.

    Even with the commercial solution listed above, one MAJOR PROBLEM is the fact that in general, "drone + water = disaster!", much like the preceding experiment, "iPhone + water = DISASTER!!!"

    A possible solution could be the "Splash Drone" from Urban Drones.

    At a cost of $550 to $1,600 depending on feature set, it's way above your $150 budget, but...
    * it's fully waterproof and submersible (so it will survive the inevitable water crashes),
    * wind resistance to 25 mph (which will be SUPER important on the coastline/water)
    * live streaming video, so you could also use it to spot schools of fish
    * GPS on all models , with option for autonomous flight via mission planning on top model
    * remote control payload release
    *** it can even fire a rescue flare!
    Here is a video of Splash Drone in action

    DISCLAIMER: All of this information is from the Splash Drone website. I have not independently validated any of their claims.

    I don't work for Splash Drone, and I don't own a Splash Drone... Yet. I've been lusting over it for about 8 months. I live in land locked Atlanta GA, so I can't justify the specialty price tag for a waterproof drone...until my next tropical vacation. :-)

    Maybe it would work for your needs?


    • Moderator

      Here's a sample of the Splash Drone Fishing.  You can buy it from my friend Alex at Urban Drones here:


      • hi bill

        thanks for your reply, but this is not what anglers are looking for

        thanks again

    • Thank you,

      an excellent idea to build waterproof drones.

      Since electronics is air cooled in closed cavity (body)

      what about air/ water cooled overun motors installed ?


      The Splash Drone PRO is a fully waterproof quad copter, packed with useful features and capable of landing and floating on water.


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