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Greetings,I'm a fisherman, trying to increase my chances of catching a big fish from Shore. This message comes after a long yet futile research done online. My interest is to create a drone that will be able to carry out my baits from Shore, 500-800 meters out, drop them, and to return safely to shore. It must be able to carry 1-1.5 pounds (bait and sinker), and release them on command. I have no understanding of the uav subject, yet would like to create a reliable drone. My personal preference is to modify a store bought drone, adding the release mechanism. To all of this, I would like to note that I'm on right budget, yet unable to assess the price of such a project.I'll be super thankful to any help and advice you guys can throw, because I'm pretty Dam lost with no clue where to start. Thanks!

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  • hello everyone

    i think what Elad and i are looking for is a small drone, with a tight budget, as Elad had suggested buying a store drone and perhaps extanding the range, just enough to carry a single line with 2 or 3 hooks to a distance of 500 meters

    (Elad please correct me if i am mistaken)

    just for recreational fishing not putting out a long line with 25 hooks or traps or pots which i am sure will be an expensive affair

    i have had some replies from other drone users where i found useful information, which i am willing to share

    i think its possible to have a drone with under $150

    if anyone interested, they can email me at

    thanks again, 

    regards and tight lines,


    • My Dear Friends,

      RC drone or RC boat are not fit in your case since you can carry or haul a single line 1000 meters from shore but you risk to get it twisted around propeller/s in either case

      due to wind or wind drift, water current.

      All you need is 100 years old technology called Fishing Kite

      Please enter "Fishing Kite" into your search engine to get smart solution to your problem.

      Flying a drone over an ocean you always risk it's lost foerever

      rc board in theory can be recovered if wind drift or water current is slow.

      Fishing Kite is a smart technology and risk-free solution to your problem.


  • Where are you fishing? Are there big waves or is the water calm? Could you use a large R/C boat to drag the bait out to 800 meters?

    Seems like a boat or submersible will be a better idea.

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  • Hello Elad

    We are a New Zealand company who are the producers of the AeroKontiki Longline Fishing Drone. We had done intensive research to come up with the AeroKontiki and have produced several models over the year. Our current model is the CF Raptor EVOLUTION series. It's a very capable machine that can haul a 25 hook baited longline with sinkers (1.5 - 2kgs) up to a 1000 meters, drop off the baits and return to its takeoff point. It also works using an Android AeroKontiki APP.  It has additional features very specific to fishing, and customers are now taking out crab pots, using it for live baiting, and delivering huge chunks of bait in Australia for catching sharks as well. It's capable of working in high winds typical of coastal areas. A lot of these features were a direct contribution from experts within the DIYDRONE community. Please feel free to get in touch with us through  Many thanks - Kyle

    • Kyle,

      I am not sure if you are correct, marketing your drone as the Fishing Drone, so the business drone, subject to certification with FAA
      and operator's license.

      Fishing is for hobby and recreation but Fishing Drone is for Business Fishing as marketed by you.

  • I have done some technical business with these guys: I think that is what you are looking for. :)

  • hello Elad

    i too am trying to get my baits out there 300-400 meters using a drone, i have found drones which would suit me but the range is only around 100 meters, which i want to increase to 400 meters, 

    maybe we can share our limited knowledge

    my email is


    • Elad,

      My name is Kevin. Great idea. have you made any headway on this project?
This reply was deleted.


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