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John Banes posted a discussion
A push broom line scanner application for android smart phones. Stitching is done on the device with OpenCV.  Small movements really effect the stitched image so a gimbal and slow, stable forward flight will be necessary for a good image. There is…
Mar 23, 2017
John Banes posted a discussion
I am adding more batteries to my stock Parallax elev 8. It weights about 2.50 lbs without batteries.Currently it flies about 10 minutes on one 3200 mha 11.1 volt 3S lipo. If I add one or two more batteries will I gain anything in terms of flight…
May 19, 2016
John Banes posted a discussion
Using only telemetry radios for the link between ground station and aircraft, is it possible to configure ArduCopter to arm and fly without an RC transmitter and receiver in the loop?
Mar 3, 2016
John Banes commented on Monroe Lee King Jr's blog post Snickerdoodle NASA CFS and RTEMS
"Agreed this sounds pretty awesome.  I get your enthusiasm Monroe King..."
Dec 27, 2015
John Banes replied to John's discussion Camera does not save on SD card
"Are you able to verify the SD card is working? Can you put it in another device like a phone or PC? Check that it is formatted and functioning in another device."
Dec 27, 2015
John Banes replied to John's discussion Camera does not save on SD card
"Double check your SD card is inserted correctly. Maybe upside down or not really in the slot? Sometimes this happens on my pixhawk ap SD card slot. The card is in there but not inserted correctly. "
Dec 27, 2015
John Banes replied to Elad 's discussion surf fishing bait dropping drone
"Where are you fishing? Are there big waves or is the water calm? Could you use a large R/C boat to drag the bait out to 800 meters?
Seems like a boat or submersible will be a better idea.

Dec 26, 2015
John Banes replied to Tom's discussion Macintosh controlling a blimp?
"PowerUp 3.0 could work for some basic control.
Designed to be controlled via Bluetooth 
It appears to be very well documented
Dec 26, 2015
John Banes replied to Dan Carlson's discussion Still Image Wireless Transfer
"Hi Dan,

Did you come up with a solution to this problem?

I imagine that the aerostat and ship move quite a bit in all directions. 

What kind of antenna are you using on your ubiquiti system?"
Dec 26, 2015
John Banes posted a discussion
UAV Camera for Android, triggers camera using GPS:Grey scale images and will trigger the camera based on distance using GPS:Each JPG is tagged with current heading in degrees and GPS coordinates:Code,  APK and a link to view stitched images is…
Dec 26, 2015