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I would like your help.  Safety is my number one issue with drones. Last year I was learning to fly my  Parrot AR. Drone that I had fitted with carbon fiber blades.  I was doing a simple take off and landing in the living room to impress a friend.  I was hovering and accidentally hit the "Home" button. Instead of a soft landing the AR Drone took off from a distance of about 10' from me and came right at my face.  As I was trying to deflect it, the carbon fiber blade put a gash on my left eye, just missing my eyeball.  I don't know about you, but that really soured my experience and nearly put out my eye. 

I had every intention of taking the money I had saved to start a Real Estate Photography company.  Instead I became afraid of the drone. A friend purchased a Phantom from DJI and had a very similar experience on his very first flight.

Oddly enough I became so fascinated with the industry that started to look for solutions to the danger of any multi-rotor with plastic or carbon fiber blades.  I came up with what I affectionately call DroneKone.  It is complete and substantial propeller protection to help make drones safer.

I started a small company with my limited funds and developed a model of my concept.  I was able to get a provisional patent on my safety device.  Then I had a devastating life event and was out of action for a year.  I have recovered.  I don't have any funding at this point except out of my pocket and started seeking funding. I was told by a potential investor that I needed to survey 100 people to find out if my product is market worthy.

Okay enough story.  Simple Survey for Safety:

  1. Yes or No  Are you concerned about drones flying around Children? 
  2. Yes or No  Do you have a concern about your personal safety when flying a drone?
  3. Yes or No  If a safety device was available would you consider purchasing it?
  4.                  What would a safety device look like to you if you could design one?
  5.                  How much would you pay for a safety cage if one was available when you purchase your drone.

I greatly appreciate you reading this far and ask for help.  If this is just plain stupid, then I would like to know that now, before I spend any money on moving further.

Thank you so much for listening.  I am grateful to be a small part of this awesome community.


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  • FYI.  In the US the FAA considers any sUAV under 4 lbs to be hobby or recreational, thus all regulation for the industry is mainly for commercial use.  This is what I have been proposing.  I am not proposing restriction or regulation of the under 4 lbs sUAV.  The FAA appears to not have the Hobbyist in their pervue or discussions.

    I would like to thank everyone for participating in the survey.  Thanks!


  • Safety for Both Spectator and Operator is Priority,you don't want to hit anybody including your self.

    , Private/Public Property comes next. you also don't want to do damage to other peoples property too.

    yes Carbon Props do more damage than the Plastic ones. and on an AR drone there is not much Performance difference between the two.

    ARdrones are relatively safe as Stock . plastic Props bent and the inbuild Amp meter shuts the motor off if the prop hits anything like your finger Plus when indoor flying whith people around keep the Prop guards on and at 500g or so  on a EPP foam body its light, an power off Drop will hit you hard but certainly not kill you.

    also most Toy multi-rotors are Less than 1Kg with Prop guards permanently bolted and are meant for kids to play with

    more precaution should be taken for Commercial / Hobby multirotor since they are more heavier and sturdier than the toy grade units.

    • Cliff,

      Thank you for your comments.  I agree that the ARdrone is relatively safe.  I was just using it in the wrong way.  Most of my concern is for the commercial side, which affects the hobbyists side.  If we make the multi-rotors safe in all situations then us hobbyists can enjoy flying in a wider variety of locations. 

      I read a story that a aerial photography company using parachutes was allowed to fly over crowds.  I didn't tag the article and couldn't tell you where this was on the earth, but it was a significant statement.  The municipality or governing agency acknowledge the safety difference between aerial photography done with a safety measure and photography without that safety measure.  It made a bid difference to the operator also as their fly zone expanded.

      Toy grade units don't really interest me.  I feel strongly about this issue and hope others do too.


  • I have posted more pictures in my photo album.  If you want more information on the company I am building it can be found at  Let me know what you think even if it is negative.  I know I am starting a campaign that is against the grain.  I love quads and hex copters.  I think a healthy awareness of safety is due.  We talk so much about the mechanics, but have not ventured into the aesthetics.  I think as a community we can have healthy discussions about both.


    DroneKone Professional Plus.jpg

  • For further information I just put up:

    • That sure seems like an awful amount of mass / air restrictions. That would be safety at it's maximum. Virtually bullet proof. Speaking for myself however I'd be interested in something in between nothing and that. 

      I'm sure you have thought about just about all aspects but one thing that occurs to me is I bet the biggest threat is a MR coming at you horizontally not vertically.  I'd like to see something that just protects against that. That is of course far less protection than your design.

  • 1- Yes

    2- Yes


    4- I picture a single square [ for a 4 motor MR ] shaped wire as small as possible around the entire outside. I think that would be less weight and material than 4 individual circles. If it could somehow incorporate it's mounting as landing gear it would justify it's added weight even more so. 

    5- $40-$80 depending on quality / durability

    • Richard,

      Thank you for taking the survey. 

      I have seen a device that you describe. For the life of me I can't find an actual web address. AEXO is the name of the product.  I could only find that it raised some money at this web address:  It isn't cheap. 399 Euro for Inspire. That is almost 500 US bucks (don't know the current exchange rate so I'm guessing.)

      I appreciate your honesty and thoughts.


      aexo - the protector drone (Canceled)
      The world´s most touchable and protective drone*! Frees your way of flying and working with your drone!
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