Take off Fail, completely stumped

I have been reviewing this .tlog all morning and am completely stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately it wont let me download the data flash logs off the pixhawk for some reason, I will try pulling the SD Card later and seeing if I can get them directly off of there.

Basically what happened was we programmed the mission and launched. On launch the power was only at 70% and the heading was not at the proper upward angle. When I went into mission planner to check and make sure the flight was programmed properly, the only anomaly was the altitude box "Relative, absolute, terrain" drop down menu was blank. My first instinct was since this was blank it sent the altitude as aboslute so it tried to dive to absolute altitude of 150m instead of relative which would have been over 2600m.

I posted the issue on github thinking it was a mission planner bug, but, Michael Oborne stated the params look correct from the .tlog for relative altitude.

The only other anomaly I can find is the distance to waypoint on WP1 (Take off waypoint) shows 8700 meters. This makes no sense as there is no WP in the entire mission that is this far away and I believe the take off WP uses distance from home and should start at 0.

Any help with diagnosing the issue would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

2015-07-11 17-43-42.tlog

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