Take off using MP

I started this in another form, found that MP has its own disussion, sorry did not know that or I would have asked here.


I want to ask before attempting becuase I am affraid of a flyaway.

My Tx has the a 3 toggle switch set to Stabalize|Auto|RTL, All including Auto mission tested and working by Tx, the mission has TakeOff/WP/RTL working well.


So my first question is with the Action you can Arm/Disarm, apparently you can with the Arm button.

But can I actually "kick off" the Auto mission that includes Take Off from the MP or will I still need to throttle up my Tx stick directly from the MP?

If I can take off from MP so what is the proper procedure to do this, and should my Tx 3 pos toggle be in a specific position or does it not have input if started from MP?


Once again, sorry about the prev post.


Thanks, Ed,

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  • Or maybe use this virtual joystick in Windows to throttle up :)


    Edgar Scott said:

    If you want you can just use menu > arm to arm and the virtual joysticks built into andropilot to take off and not have to use your Tx at all, you can do it all from your Android device.  I was actually looking for one button take off, but this is a way you can do it with no Tx at all.

    They don't recommend it yet since they virtual joysticks are still not tested much.

    So I keep my Tx around my neck just in case :)

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  • I wonder if there is option to start mission from shell command. Without mission planner, just by simple sending command to device by serial connection... if MP can do this so the only question is how to do this manually from console. 

    I dont want to reinvent wheel, so before digging in code I decided to ask first;)

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    This works without any transmitter. Just a link between laptop and aircraft. (I used rfdesign.com.au radio modems as they can be programmed for power and channels)

    The above menu is called from mission planner with [Ctrl] [F] keys from the laptop.

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  • I tried this yesterday but could not find a way to start the drone without a TX. It armed perfectly but no command of Auto of MISSION_START had any effect. Failsafe status read false. I was inside our clubhouse and the drone was on the field. I took the TX out of the box and switched it on and the drone started. I did not touch any controls. After the mission it landed and i tried again, resetting the mission ect. I disarmed it with the TX after it had landed and and armed it again through MP. Again no response from the drone other than an Armed  status. Auto or MISSION_START do make the ARMED text dissapear, like when you start flying, but no response. I touched the throttle and it started. I guess it needs some input from the TX to start.


    Is there another way to start completely from MP? I know it is not advised to fly without a TX but is it possible? Maybe a safety parameter prevents the drone from starting without a TX input.

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