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Herman Kruisman replied to Bharat Tak's discussion UART 2 for Telemetry on APM 2.5
"I have this working on ArduPLane, but what about ArduCopter? I cannot get it to work???"
Oct 25, 2013
Herman Kruisman replied to Brady D's discussion Connection Error in APM Mission Planner with wireless telem
"I am having the same problem with low baudrate connections. It is definitely not a hardware issue. If i set low update rates and connect with ctrl + t i can get 50 to 70% signal. The SR0_PARAMS, param update speed, has no effect. This makes sence…"
Oct 10, 2013
Herman Kruisman replied to criro1999's discussion My plane did crash with ArduPlane 2.74b
"Loose batteries in an holder? Ror RC? Really? NEVER do that again, it is a very bad idea (as you already know now.....) Even for a transmitter it is not allowed at our club."
Oct 10, 2013
Herman Kruisman replied to AlanGP's discussion Using the LRS back channel for APM Telemetry
"At the moment i am working on getting the APM Mavlink to run smoothly over OpenLRS. It works but needs some tweaking because the datarate cannot be as high as mavlink needs. If you set the OpenLRS telemetry to 9600 baud and the telemety in the APM…"
Oct 9, 2013
Herman Kruisman replied to Edgar Scott's discussion Take off using MP
"I tried this yesterday but could not find a way to start the drone without a TX. It armed perfectly but no command of Auto of MISSION_START had any effect. Failsafe status read false. I was inside our clubhouse and the drone was on the field. I took…"
Oct 1, 2013