G'day DIY Drone enthusiasts,

I am very new to the Taranis and so far I have been able to find out most of the stuff I need to know for setting up my new T-Plus thanks to this forum.  I am, however, having a hard time finding out how to set up the 6 flight modes using a combination of two switches.  I have watched Leo's You Tube videos and followed along but my T-Plus does not seem to have the menu he speaks of, namely the "Custom Switch" menu.

I have a "Logical Switch" menu but nowhere can I find the CS menu.

Note: My Taranis is "straight out of the box" purchased new about a month ago.  I don't know what version firmware I am running as it is not displayed in the About page after a long hold of the ENT button.

Leo makes it look so simple but without the CS menu, I'm at a loss.

Any help would be appreciated.


Aussie in AZ

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  • Logical switches replaced the Custom switches

    • Cheers Bobby,

      I figured as much but did not want to spend time programming only to find out that I had mucked some other setting up in the process.

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