Tarot Gimble on X8


i have a 3DR X8 and have have been trying to get the gimble to work fo a week now..  I have followed every instruction to the letter.

Upload latest Firmware - Check (to both motors and Board)

Load 3DR recomened settings - Check

i have been though the process  a million times ot make sure its OK.. 

on the BMGC software all the saner does is spin it does not seem to level at al;l see vid attached

it does not resond to any movemnt of drone - leveling etc..  it tilts and rolls with the drone.

I am not sure if its Faulty ot what?

any help apreciated.



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  • Did you point the gimbal strait up and run the calibrate gimbal button?

    • I wonder if you have solved your problem?

      There is a very clear Youtube video showing exactly what to do:


      I discovered that it is necessary (for me) to increase the motor power in the motor power setup, since I have an FPV camera attached to the Go Pro too, adding more load to the Roll motor. So I have increased the Roll to 80% and the Tilt to 45. Seems to do the trick.

      Hope this helps.

      Tarot Gopro+FPV cam.jpg

      • Hi David,  great stuff and thanbks for your reply its much apreacited..   i hav ebene traveling for the past few months and have not had the X8 out for a while but never had got around to fixing this gimble bit will for sure now give it a crack.   Thansk again.. Chris 

  • OK, I have the same gimbal so i'll try.

    First, does the software connect to it? (I assume so). What firmware? I'm using 1.5. Disconnect from your receiver / APM etc until it works fine without.

    Connect to the motor port, load the motor GoPro default config file and write that. That sets it to power 60 for roll and 35 for tilt IIRC.

    Now connect to the gimbal port, and connect.

    Next,turn the motors off (in the software), prop the camera so it's level, lying flat on it's back looking skywards, and press the calibrate button.

    Now load the default GoPro config file that came with the software for the gimbal, and write the parameters.

    Turn on the motors and see if it's better.

    If you need the default files, let me know and i'll post them.

    I've found the defaults are a good starting point.

    • HI Alan, thanks for your reply and apologies for my late response but traveling for work,  i really have done the config as per instructions but it still all crazy.. i used the recommended 3DR setup and it was to load 1.4.

      any files you could help us with woudl be awesome..  i am having another go at it this weekend.



      • Attached are the default config files that were supplied with my gimbal. I'm using these with Firmware v1.5 and a GoPro Hero 3+ and it works really well.

        Your videos look like a calibration issue, I had similar when I accidentally pressed the calibration button.

        As mentioned before, set the camera flat on it's back and pointing straight up (and still), then press calibrate again.



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