Telemetry logs (tlog) without Mission planner


I read on the Wiki that tehre are two types of logs. 

Tlog - which is generated by Mission Planner when a Telemetry link is connected to the APM/aircraft

Dataflashlogs - Logs generated and stored in the APMs flash memory

I am interested in getting tlog data without Mavlink and Mission planner just like dataflashlogs are recordede in the flash memory so I can download later when my aircraft has landed.

Is it possible? If not is it possible to make datashalogs record the same data as in tlog?In particular I need a camera shutter data for geotagging of my images for 3D mapping, photogrammetry. Thanks!

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  • I like this community, people are really helpful here :)

    iskess thanks for your reply. I was able to find and enable CAM logging via the terminal/command line. This is how I have done it for the reference. When you connect to APM in terminal mode , run logs command. Then being in the logs mode run "enable camera". Done! 

    How I understand this is that it will log CAM messages to the dataflash logs, not to tlog, is that right ?

    LOG_BITMASK was a bit cryptic and I could not find a reference to which bits do what, anyhow terminal did the job instead.

  • The CAM logs contain all the shutter data. You need to turn it on in the .log file. Look at the logging bitmap parameter.
    If you still can't figure it out, I will get you specific instructions but I'm on the move now.
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