Telemetry Not communicating with APM

basic problem i am having is that my Telemetry setup wont communicate with my APM.



  • Mission Planner 1.2.67 
  • init ArduCopter V2.9.1b

My first problem was that the Xbee would not even communicate with themselves before ever connecting to the APM. Turns out that if you have the "Xbee explorer adapter" from sparkfun you have to edit your Xbee firmware to correct pullup resister parameters  (this is a whole other issue). Once i fixed that i was able to have my Xbees range tested and all worked out correct. I connected my APM to the PC via usb and made sure that my firmware and updates are ok and all went fine.  The problem is that when i connect my Xbees to the APM @ 57K at the correct port (USB is not connected so not to conflict with telemetry) it wont connect. My Adapter board on the PC side has LEDs (TX/RX) that don't light up indicating to me that there is nothing coming from the mission planner software to even try and connect. Have I missed something that needs to be configured on the Mission planner side that i have not realized? I am at a complete loss.

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  • Did someone resolve this? Any inputs are appreciated as I am facing the same problem but with Pixhawk and XBee Pro S1 not communication. The two Xbee modules communicate directly with each other when connected via PC.

  • I was having similar issues until I realised my APM was doing funny things to my airside Xbee by sending it data before it was ready. I don't think it was bricked, as I could still plug it in and connect to it using XCTU, but it certainly wasn't working properly.

    I restored it using the steps here and then set the telemetry startup delay parameter (TELEM_DELAY) to 10. This forces the APM to wait 10 seconds after boot up before it starts spitting data out to the Xbee. Seems to work now.

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