Telemetry over WiFi for antenna tracker (Audrupilot + Raspberry Pi + Mission Planner)

Hey guys, I am building UAV which sends video through a RPI and then through a long range WiFi link alot like what this guy did Here. Anyway I am trying to find out how you can send the telemetry data from the Audrupilot through the RPI and hence throught the WiFi link and then to Mission planner where it then can goto an Audrino Uno controlling a antenna tracker. Now the guy that I linked before did mention briefly how he setup his antenna tracker but it was quite confusing and the links were broken. The thing I really dont understand is how the telemetry data gets from the GPIO to the mission planner.

Anyway has anyone personally done this before, and do they have any good tutorials to follow or just to get me started in the right direction. 


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I have been working on this now and have had made some progress with the TCP/IP connectivity portion of it. It is quite confusing because of so many mavproxy inputs and outputs so it must be written down!  I haven't actually had it move the servos yet but it is tracking in MP when I move the UAV through the house. Once it is all working I will document and post back to this thread.  I want it wrapped up by tomorrow so it shouldn't be too long.

Nice idea. I will follow your work here. Please update if any news :)


Please read the following:

I guess you will find what you are looking for.

For the antenna tracker, Pololu Maeestro board works as the Tracker Pan Tilt servo controler and connects directly with Mission Planner

Tnx :)

Do you have a system running that setup ?


Most of the camera stuff you can find on Patrick Duffy Blogs. I am using g-streamer as well.

I a using a ralink rt2800usb dongle connected as an AP on 5,8 ghz detailled setup availeble here:  http:// 

For maxproxy: --master PORT  --out udp:Here.Mission.planner.adress:port

You open Mission planner and connect UDP to the port and the rest is magic !!!

For the Antenna Tracker , just install Pololu Drivers and connect to mission Planner and go to 

Initial Setup -Optionnal Hardware, Antenna tracker and select Maestro as interface connect and voila , you can control 2 std  servos as Pan-Tilt  like these:

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