I have recently purchased a Teraranger One with the i2c adapter cable.  It's all wired up and configured, but the sonar range on the Mission Planner flight display simply reads 0.

Here are the things I have already checked/tried/configured:

1. Correct power/polarity is reaching the i2c adapter and also onto the Teraranger board itself.

2.  Supply comes from 4S battery, which also powers the Pixhawk.  So both are powered up simultaneously.

3. Unplugged all other i2c sensors from Pixhawk (e.g. GPS), so Teraranger has i2c socket alone.

4. Checked configuration on Mission Planner(address, min/max range, type 4).  Address is set at 127 - is this right?  

5. Serial number is above that where new firmware needs to be uploaded.

6. On the i2c adapter, the 'pull up' pads are NOT connected - is this right?

7. For info, there seems to be no visual indication of anything 'working' on the board.

I'm sure I am missing something obvious, as I am not reading any reports that these units are unreliable or occasionally faulty.  If anyone has any ideas, I'd be most grateful!

Next step is to break out the oscilloscope and check the i2c pins themselves....

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Ok so I was right to think I was missing something obvious!

The 4 way DF13 lead I used to connect the rangefinder was connected pin-for-pin completely the wrong way round.  So a straight-through rather than a crossover.  

Pulled out the pins and reinserted - job done.  So for clarification:

1. Address at 127 is fine.

2. No need to solder pull-up pins on i2c adapter.

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