About midday. I just test my arducopter code 2.0.46 update in Loiter mode. It have best. But, Something move circle (CCW) from center about 3-5 m. And I don't all tuning (default PI). Bad weather because It have very cloud and high headwind. GPS, It can signal high to Sat#9,But if good weather it can show signal sat#10-12.

Possible, I should  some tuning PI??? Help me please....... Thank you



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This looks pretty good. I can see when the Lioter_I term winds up with wind and overshoots when the wind dies down. Not much you can do about that except increase the I value to kill the overshoot faster. 

You can also increase Rate_P by a touch.


Thank you for you idea. Tomorrow, I just test tuning PI.



i can't download 2.0.46 by Mission Planner :( 


(sorry if my english is not good, i'm french)

I'm Thai (Thailand) , My English is same you. 

Now, It can download on http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/downloads/list only. 

And upload code by arduino0022.

Thanks, i tray now ;)

I just upload new video test loiter flight#2 on evening. wait for look please.....

Rookie question: What is the arduino0022, or where can I find good information about how to get it and use it?

Im just putting my first Arducopter toghether (hexa).

Thank you / Tomas

It's programmable C++ for Atmel AVR microcontroller and you can download Arduino software at http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software .

you can all config (you not should change parameter if you don't have skill C language. because it can error compile  when you type wrong in program.  

Flight#2 loiter test 

Change Loiter_I 0.15 and Nav_P 2.5


It's very stable, your are Loiter mode only ?


and your dog is beautiful lol ;)


I uploaded 2.0.46 with arduino0022, tomorrow, i test tomorrow.

it works !!! 


thanks ;)

It don't my dog. I test in my University. And have some people in the garden.  : ) 


I will wait for look your Quadrotor......good luck

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