Testflight ACM 2.033 Beta

Jason, thanks for your endless and persistent work.


I flew my custom quadro today and tested Stabilize and AltHold.Stabilize worked very good for me.

AltHold seemd to be fine when I switched to AltHold at maybe 2m above ground. After a few secs the copter started to come down. I "nudged" with the throttle stick and it went up quick to maybe 10m. Switched back to Stabilize. I am not very sure what happend then. The copter tilted to "rear" 45° or more. I thougt maybe there is not enough power (throttle stick position to low), but opening the throttle did not help. 10m above ground was not enough room to stabilize the quad and it hit the ground at maybe 20° tilt although I helped with the pitch stick to recover. (some damage)


I remember a similar situation in 1.? alpha. But then stabilize agressivly turned the copter back to level.



I felt that the altitude control (up) in AltHold is not very fine. Maybe in a further release it would be nice to change that to somewaht "proportional" to the throttle stickposition, especially when we have sonar accuracy of a vew centimeters.


I hope that my observations may help to make ACM even better.



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  • I agree..... the Alt hold needs a throttle curve to tame the quad while in alt hold.
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