I cant get my ESCs to work they beep every 2 seconds indicating a bad input.  How can I test the output signal from my brand new APM 2.5 board before I go and buy another 4 ESCs.

I have calibrated the ESCs 25 times now and it still refuses to work.

They all work perfectly pluged dirrectly into the RC receiver but thats not getting my quad up in the air.

I am really stuck here guys give me a hint please.


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Did you try calibrating the ESC one at a time, by plugging each ESC into the radio receiver throttle channel ?  I never had any luck with the all at once approach.

hi did your uploaded the latest firmware properly ????????



Yes I did do each ESC one at a time connecting them directly to the RC receiver.  They all calibrated no problem at all but again once plugged back into the APM they would give the three beeps then beep constantly at 1 beep every 2 seconds.  How hard can this be to do.  I have tried changing different parameters on the ESC but that doesn't work either.

Yes it does have the latest  firmware in.  In fact its had the last five different firmware versions in hoping it would make a difference ...but it didn't. I went in no problem and never once came up with an error when verifying.

Im still stuck with an APM board that refuses to talk too the ESCs

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