The best long range data link for APM/PX4

I'm trying to find the best long range system (2.5 km+ at least) compliant with APM/PX4 and I as I found out, there are not that many options.

I went through following references to find the proper hardware:

Eventually I denote for my self these 2 options as the fulfill my requirements (other either not long range, or do not have out full PX4/APM support out of box) and both of them use the same Si1000 chip:

So my questions is - did somebody tried to compare these modems, do they have performance difference? They are more or less on the same price tag, so it would be nice to know their cons and pros. Maybe somebody has two of these modules to test?  

Another question I would like to raise here is the ability to use 868MHz system in Europe. I shortly went through legislations and it seems it is legal to use it almost everywhere along the EU. But what about interference with 4G band, as it's said in this article, it might have some. Did anybody experience interference issue while flying 868MHz in EU?

Thank you!

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