The fate of quad copters

So with the most recent news on drones and negative media they are getting, could their fate be hung in a balance.* Drones flying near JFK airport* Guy shoots drone for spying on 16 year old daughter.* Drugs get dropped in prison is needed is a terrorist incident involving a drone. With a fast track record climbing in the negative direction. When do you think enough is enough to them pull all drones out of the sky? Everytime I see drone on the news, it's always something bad. The misuse of some can ruin it for the rest.

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  • Drug dealers use ziplock bags, when do we say enough is enough?

    • Drugs this time, shank the next, or even a gun? Yes they are alrrady in prison, but tools to aid their escape seems particle.

      I just know something is around the corner, that will hurt us rc enthusiasts.
      • I agree there will be some regrettable tragedy and some knee jerk follow-up legislation. Never mind the 10's of thousands of us who fly responsibly. We will be the ones to pay for their stupidity.

        After Sept 11 those of us who fly full scale light aircraft also needed to prove we weren't a threat. It seeemed TFR's popped up over every family reunion and power plant. All while us pilot's said "my little 1200lb Cub is barely fast or heavy enough to damage myself." Imagine my surprise when I saw AOPA and other aviation groups loudly proclaiming the need for bans on our little "drones". Seems they don't quite recognize hypocrisy.

        BTW I cancelled my 15 year membership in AOPA because of their stance.

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