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I like to build things that can have similar functionality to expensive off the shelf consumer items


Phoenix, AZ

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Daniel Berend posted a discussion
I looked but didn't see this posted anywhere. So this article about the drone crashing through a window was apparently a fabrication. https://skyvideo.wordpress.com/2016/04/10/huffington-post-lied-and-... Post article…
Apr 11, 2016
Daniel Berend replied to Aussie in AZ's discussion 3DR telemetry no longer supported by 3DR....options?
"I'm confused, are the "core accessories" going to be available? Seems odd that 3dr has been planning this for a while and nobody thought to get the new supplier up to speed a little sooner. Even the statement above is giving mixed messages. Also why…"
Feb 24, 2016
Daniel Berend replied to Nick's discussion The fate of quad copters
"I agree there will be some regrettable tragedy and some knee jerk follow-up legislation. Never mind the 10's of thousands of us who fly responsibly. We will be the ones to pay for their stupidity.

After Sept 11 those of us who fly full scale light…"
Aug 5, 2015
Daniel Berend replied to Nick's discussion The fate of quad copters
"Drug dealers use ziplock bags, when do we say enough is enough?"
Aug 5, 2015
Daniel Berend replied to MR's discussion Arducopter V3.1.5. hexa shutdown mid-flight (log included)
"I had a similar problem on my APM. Twice the copter fell from the sky luckily the second was during a post build test so she only fell 3 feet. Turns out the XT60 connector on the power module was worn and would sometimes lose connection."
Jul 29, 2015
Daniel Berend replied to Eric Lee's discussion Anyone had problem ordering from 3DR store? in IRIS
"How about mine, order #R508857419? Same order date but I paid for overnight.

Edit: Just got a text from FedEx that I'm getting a delivery tomorrow morn. Not expecting anything else so that must be it."
Jun 25, 2015