Hello Everyone ,I am looking for  a lightweight thermal infrared camera that can be mounted on a Quadcopter in order to measure very smaller temperature difference on the surface of a Glacier(Elevation: 4500 m m.s.l ).I went through different post and some infrared camera seller as well.But i didn't found a thermal imaging system capable of detecting small temp difference(0.1 degree celsius) precisely.I hope this forum can provide me some useful suggestion.

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Check out the different versions of FLIR Tau2.

They are lightweight (130gr I think) and built for such use.

The 120 pixel version is the entry model.

Thank you Arvid .We have already decided to purchase the models from Flir.Lets see how accurate results would be obtained :) Sorry for late response.

Have you seen these yet? They look promissing,
the group also says they have a private campaign that has these for $2000
If you know anyone who has one let me know I want some personal experience from someone before I buy.

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