This is my UAV... (beta vesion)
Now I´m entering in the test season....
Hope you like it...
I would like to hear suggestions to improve.

3 meters wingspan

40 cm chord

26 cm3 engine

1 hr of fuel

2kg of payload


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That's a monster!!!!! You could almost fly that yourself :)

Very nice Martin, if it flys as good as it looks I think you have a winner!

Davey stole the word I was thinking, WOW indeed!


Any more info on the build, materials use etc?


What is the black flap for at the back of the fuse for, camera?





Yes.. that flap is a door for protecting the camera lenses during take offs and landings from dust or mud. it can be very annoying some times and a simple drop may ruin an entire flight. And in case of crash or a bad landing can save you a lot of money.

Right now the materials are wood, styrofoam, polifan, and carbon fiber. in the future i´m going to add more carbon fiber. but I need some molds. All that will be in the Alpha version.

I thought the flap maybe for that use, what type and size camera are you fitting in there?


Are you mounting the camera on anti vobration mounts that close to the motor?

Yep thats a biggun ,you might want to stay with the foam atleast on the leading edges and nose just for safety . you might have to paint pink bunnies all over it to keep the old ladys from calling the police!! haha

Did you have a template for that or did you design and do all the calculations yourself?


Looks pretty clean, hope it works as well as it looks.

It looks like it has a long nose that would hold a lot of gear and fuel.  Would love to do one about like that.

that's big :)


Any flights tests already??

Awesome job!

Craig, if you do go this route and put fuel in the nose, be mindful of the CG changing as fuel depletes. (just a thought). This thing is getting to a scale that you could put fuel in the wings! :)
Thanks, and good point.  Would a person need to make his own wing To incorporate fuel cells or is someone out there already designing them?  Yes those wings could hold a lot of fuel couldn't they?
Please excuse this comment, but a 2 kilo payload doesn't seem like a great payload for that large of an airplane.  I assume that is full electronics package loaded and fueled.

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