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Jeff posted a discussion
As I see its just a connection with a 2x6 header between the APM2 and daughter board, is it feasible to make an adapter cable to relocate the daughter board? Per say if the APM2 is mounted by a motor or mostly surrounded by CF/fiberglass, could it…
May 8, 2012
Jeff commented on Scott Plunkett's blog post New meaning for the phrase "Don't Mess With Texas;" Texas Sheriff's office receives weaponizable drone, alarms local news station
"I watched the Montgomery video and I love how the police act as if they can hover and not be noticed and watch illegal transactions."
Nov 1, 2011
Jeff replied to Jeff's discussion Need opinions.
"Did some more modelling in Solid Works over the weekend and this is what I came up with (still missing wingtips). Very primitive with no mechanical devices added, figured they could be implemented when it was a solid. Just a start though on the…"
Oct 2, 2011
Jeff commented on Duane Brocious's blog post National CBO has free membership and more. Download your membership card today.
"letting ya know theres a typo in the Principles the last line...
8. NFR Clubs shall remain autonomous except in matters affecting the NRFor recreational aviation as whole."
Mar 15, 2011
Jeff replied to Trent at MyGeekShow's discussion Which program is best for designing airplanes?
"Why is a program such as SolidWorks or other CAD software in there besides sketch-up?"
Mar 12, 2011
Jeff posted a discussion
Hey guys, I have recently began modeling a wing in SolidWorks and as of now it is coming good but I'm afraid it will be too complex to make someday realistically. As of now I do not have the construction experience to build such a plane but was…
Feb 21, 2011
Jeff commented on Dean Lamborn's blog post It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A Drone!!
"All I have to say is wow. That is impressive, so many dynamics in that little thing, plus the weight or should i say weightless-ness of it."
Feb 17, 2011
Jeff commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DIY Drones 2011 Product Preview
"I feel as if this preview would cause more headaches for the team. As of now I am itching, waiting on the 2560 to come out to get it! Makes me want to keep asking for updates! :D"
Feb 14, 2011
Jeff commented on Andrew Van Der Plaats's blog post X-47B first test flight
"Elevons would be most beneficial I would think for a simplistic BWB, but I believe flaps could also be used for pitch control by changing the camber of the airfoil in the center of the wing effectively changing the Cm of the wing creating a positive…"
Feb 10, 2011
Jeff commented on Andrew Van Der Plaats's blog post X-47B first test flight
"Vectored thrust could be used, but also a statically stable configuration and the ability to move control surfaces to make it statically stable are most likely used in this. Vectored thrust may be used for yaw control but usually differential drag…"
Feb 10, 2011
Jeff commented on Andrew Van Der Plaats's blog post X-47B first test flight
"Yeah it says that, but on the first prototype they may have not implemented it yet. Focusing on flight characteristics instead of adding that capability yet. The display models, they have displayed at air shows have had folding wings and looked…"
Feb 9, 2011
Jeff commented on Andrew Van Der Plaats's blog post X-47B first test flight
"I'm sure they will make the wings fold, it was most likely in the design requirements. Also they did mention the capability to be able to fold the wings.. It will happen! :D"
Feb 9, 2011
Jeff posted a discussion
Now I wanted to bring up an interesting topic that is not talked about much. What are the pros and cons of ailerons vs dihedral design?I listed a few I find to be important, have any to add?Any opinions? DihedralPros:-no extra servos-less structure…
Feb 3, 2011
Jeff commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post HobbyKing FPV / UAV Fiberglass Kit Now Available!
"Personally, I think it looks like a very nice airframe. I can agree it would be quite difficult to fit an autopilot into it with the limited access. I liked what Roger said about the 'UAV connection from some optimistic marketing guy', its so true I…"
Jan 28, 2011
Jeff commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New solar UAV from BYU
"Here at Michigan we have a student group that does solar UAV's as well and they made a hydrogen fuel cell UAV that was in the air for more than 10hrs (highlight video on website). Very similar to what you have posted Chris. The website about the…"
Jan 28, 2011
Jeff replied to Martin Bellomo's discussion This is my UAV...
"Did you have a template for that or did you design and do all the calculations yourself?
Looks pretty clean, hope it works as well as it looks."
Jan 27, 2011