This is the ROWLAND F1-535 White Knight

Hi guys after some considerable time in dev. the production molds are now up and running here are some construction shots of what is coming. This is a flying camera mount. You steer the camera and the model follows. It will have a modified APM-2 to stabilise the camera plus another to control the model. Shown here with a DJI but AMP will be integrated into the final design.3690911908?profile=original3690911593?profile=original3690911931?profile=original3690912053?profile=original

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  • Nice.  Is that frame 3D printed on Shapeways?  Looks like SWF material they have there.  I'm also building a 3D printed frame, that I'm calling Firefly Mark One.

    I also noticed your motors are facing down.  Do you need to worry about broken props from hard landing could fly into the camera?  Maybe a little bit of camera armour, might help.

  • This looks very promising. Keep me posted on your development activitie.

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