this site is purposely confusing

there is way too much moderating, hiding topics and/or referring to other sites.

3DR owns this site correct?

3DR runs this site correct?

3DR builds and sell IRIS correct?

then why is it so hard to get simple answers to simple questions?

where is the best place for help and mods/fixes to your products?

Mr. Chris Anderson should stick to running a non-biased all inclusive information drone website.

IMHO your double dipping and possibly not being so forth coming on issues with your products. WE ARE NOT YOUR PRODUCT TESTERS. if you know you have bad batteries and or chargers then why do you continue to peddle these junks? 

lets see how buried this gets.

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  • what am i doing wrong? 

    i go to ardupilot,com

    top right in the search i input Iris ....

    i get bupkiss.

    try it, you tell me if its a little confusing. maybe that should direct you to the correct place 

    • go to ardupilot and click community, you get sent back to diydrones.

      i apologize for being  a newb. and not a computer programmer.

      did you guys work on the healthcare website or something? 

      • Moderator

        If you hover over the community tab you'll see a number of options.  The default click takes you to this drone community site.

        It does say on the Iris group page on this community site for all 3DR support queries, go to:

        You should also have received contact details (an email address and phone number to contact) with your Iris if you needed anything - direct links to 3DR.

        3DR do try to make themselves as available as possible.  What responses did you receive to your phone call?  Or if not in the US, like a number of us, what did you receive from your email?

        Did you purchase from a distributor or directly from 3DR?

        And finally, I'm sending a friend request to try and help you.


        • Moderator

          Just following up and found one of the many cards in a recent 3DR purchase after doing some winter cleaning...


          'For customer support, contact us at or call our support line at +1 (858) 225-1414 Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm, PST.

          Happy Flying!'


          'Thank you for purchasing from 3D Robotics!

          For documentation and instructions, please visit'

          Just in case you didn't receive one of these armen, or misplaced it.


  • Sounds like someone didn't get spoon fed exactly what he wanted, how he wanted it, when he wanted it.  Whaaaa.  In the time it took you to make this complaining thread, you probably could have found your answers.

    • I've noticed that when ever someone, maybe a newbie, makes a frustrated post about the sometimes confusing and contradictory information on here, someone pops up with an implied insult, in this case about them needing spoon feeding. Come on, why should it be so hard? is it wrong to be new to this and to ask for help? You cant expect everyone coming to this hobby to be experts in all the related fields. Its not realistic.


      • @Colin Gresty,

        Thank you

      • Admin


        I believe the object of the original discussion was to complain about not being helped and the fact that over on new member posts have to be moderator approved unlike here at DIY Drones.


        TCIII Admin

        • @Thomas,

          I was referring to the putting down of people that ask for help, and the implication that if you don't know it all already you don't deserve an answer. This is a great forum and a truly game changing software/hardware platform, I just don't understand why newcomers are treated with what looks like disdain by some people on here. Anyway just my two pennyworth.

        • what i was upset about was that a moderator who didnt own a product i was having an issue with was responsible for the solving my dilema.

          if i had an issue with a Sony tv, and i tried reaching for help and my reply was i dont have any of those products so i couldnt tell you... wouldnt that be a lil frustrating? 

This reply was deleted.


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