Throttle % Question

I have built my 2nd Skywalker, and running a Super 25 (excessive). 60A eFlite, 4S 4200, DSM2, but throttle response is off the charts - not sure of RPMs but this thing is scary sounding at even 1/2 throttle. Question is, is there any parameter that reduces this analog value? I have looked extensively and cannot locate anything. Spektrum doesn't give many options, might be a setting there. Its a Dx7s.. Thanks. 

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  • you can set a throttle curve on transmitter that goes from 0 to for example 60% only.

    or set RC3_MAX to a lower value..  (or both) 

    calibrating esc with pwm up to 2000us  , then never giving it more then 1500, will effectively reduce it to 50% max

    • Great, thank you. Much better and more efficient!

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