Throttle Servo lock out in a gasoline engine with pixhawk

Hi all, My setup is as follows: Pixhawk running Arduplane 3.2, RFD 900, Futaba s3005 servos on all surfaces including throttle, Gasoline engine. I have been using pixhawk along with an electric powered plane without servo issues.
In the above configuration, the throttle servo had locked out at high positions beyond the mechanical limit of the Carb pin thereby breaking the pushrod. Throttle slew rare is at 90% and cruise throttle is set at 60% of full throttle.Is there any way to limit the yanking of throttle from happening as it already happened a couple of times causing the engine to stop and crash. Is there any setting I am overlooking.Kindly advice on any known issues in regards to this or any way to stop this from happening. Thanks in advance!!!

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