Tracking UAV in Mission Planner via OSD downlink

Hi there, I am wondering if there is a way to track my aircraft via EzOSD GPS downlink in either Mission Planner or Google Earth? 

I am running the Pixhawk flight controller with GPS but wont be using the 3DR Telemetry radio. So the only GPS downlink I'll have is the one from EzOSD which is sent down the VTX's audio channel used for antenna trackers. I would really like to be able to track the aircraft from my ground station. If there is any possible way to do so or another option available please let me know. Thanks, Tom. 

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  • EagleEyes FPV Station may have the feature you want at in the section on video telemetry

    "Telemetry - When coupled with our Vector or OSD Pro OSDs, all Eagle Tree data (not just GPS position) are transmitted to your laptop, via your video transmitter and the EagleEyesTM USB port (separate USB cable required). Your model's flight can then be graphed and displayed with our powerful software, or visualized (either in real time or after your flight) with Google Earth! With the EagleEyesTM, telemetry is embedded invisibly in the video, rather than in the audio channel. We chose video telemetry because it is much more reliable and faster than audio telemetry, and audio telemetry takes up your audio channel, so you can't hear motor sounds, Vector or OSD Pro voice prompts, etc."

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