Translucent background for Mission Planner HUD

Is it possible to make the HUD background translucent?  I'm wanting to put it on top of a Mplayer stream for my low latency HD streaming project..  Currently have it in a reduced size on the bottom corner of my video, but not the cleanest and tough to read!!  Its a h264 stream so don't think I can feed correct through mission planner without using VLC which kills the latency....  Any help would be much appreciated!!

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  • Hi Patrick,

    We are currently facing the same problem.

    I have been trying to transcode a H264 video stream from a raspberry pi camera module to a format supported by Mission Planner. No luck. I could transcode it to MJPEG ou MPEG, but with a very low frequency. Moreover, it kills the raspberry pi, on which I need to save some cycles for other tasks. I have now realized that all transcoding would need to be performed on the base station and not in the air.

    Here's the best I can do right now:

    1- stream the video from the Raspberry to the base station, using netcat and raspivid and the following parameters width, height, fps and bitrate according to bandwidth.

    raspivid -param1 -param2 | nc -u my_ip my_port

    2- receive the stream on the base station and either:

    2.1 - read it with mplayer: nc -u -l -p my_port | mplayer -f my_framerate -cache 1024 -

    2.2 receive the stream with vlc to transcode it for mission planner AND display it locally without transcoding. (I will do this tonight and come back with the details if you are interested)

    Hope this helps!

    • Hi Alex,


      Def keep me posted on your progress; i tried transcoding and restreaming with VLC and never had any luck...  This was on a Windows 8.1 machine which I think might be part of the problem..  I'll keep you posted with any progress on my end as well. 

      • Did you guys have any luck with this? If mission planner can't read H264, I think the best way is to do the transcoding to MJPEG on the base station (my laptop!) rather than on the Pi.

        I am just about to start giving this a go

        • Sorry Guys,

          I missed the replies during summer time :)

          I do have 2 options that I have been using effectively to stream live over the internet my video feeds:

          1- H.264 stream with the raspberry pi camera module

          Nothing sexy here, but a quick hack that I have talked about in my first post. Here are the details:

          Inside the UAV, with my Raspberry Pi: 

          raspivid -hf -vf -w 1024 -h 768 -fps 20 -t 0 -o - | nc -l -p 1234

          In mplayer, in my control station: 

          nc drone_pub_ip 1234 | mplayer -fps 60 -nosound -cache 1024 -

          This solution meet my expectations: low latency (under 100ms), good quality and reliable.

          2- MJPEG stream with Logitech C270

          The Logitech C270 stream is very good. Although I did not test this solution as much, all the tests I have conducted meet my exceptions. Moreover, this stream can be embedded in Mission Planner of course. Here are the details:

          Inside the UAV, with my Raspberry Pi:

          mjpg_streamer -i "/usr/lib/" -o "/usr/lib/ -w ./www"

          With Mission Planner:
          Connect the the feed at http://your_ip:8080?action=stream

          Hope this helps!


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