Transmitter + Video relays.

This question is not a how to type of question but more of a will it work. I have an EZUHF system for my copter and goggles so i can FPV. However there are a lot of cables about me particularly connecting the antenna to the goggles. Also i have noticed my natural style of holding the tx means the antenna isnt in the right position.

I was thinking about building a tall pole with the antennas 2-3 m above the ground. The vid rx is 1.3 and the ezuhf is of course 433. My tx would work as normal at 2.4. THe pole would have another 2.4 rx which would be wired straight into the ezuhf tx. The vid rx on the pole would have a small 5.8 vid tx. I just bought a Skyzone goggles and it has 5.8 rx built in. This setup means no more cables, but the question is will it work well ? Is there anything im thinking of thats stopping this from working ?

At worst i wont be more than 10-20m from the obelisk with my antennas so the 2.4 and 5.8 should of course work. The pole can then have some nice fat high gain antennas at the right orientation for optimal reception and performance.

Comments ?

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  • PS Are there any boards that can accept a RX and then relay and send PPM down a wire to my EZUHF tx ?

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