Tricopter crash! Help needed...

Hi All,

I was flying my tri-copter (very similar to the tricopter v2.5 on rcexplorer)  today in ~10mph constant wind.... less then a minute into the flight, the tricopter started doing a forward flip WITHOUT me giving any input to do so and once it ended up inverted it went quickly into the ground. Since it was only about 30 ft high when it happened i didnt really get a chance to react, but i'm pretty sure i pulled back on the stick but it totally ignored the input. It also ignored me lowering the throttle as the motors kept running as they were running before despite the throttle being at 0. 

Currently it's APM 1 programmed with 2.1 release + Igor's PID changes (link

It did the same kind of flip+crash last week when running clean 2.1 release.

Both times (different places) it happened it was about 50 feet away, and i'm flying futaba 2.4....

Both times it was flying well & stable before it crashed ;-( although PID mod seems to be better ...

The log file is attached (i didn't wait for GPS lock as i was only going to hover in STABILIZE mode)...

Can anyone please shed any light as to why it is happening? Log file is attached....

Thanks in advance!!!!

2012-01-29 03-41 2.log

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