I've built a Tricopter. The radio is calibrated in Mission Planner, the Esc's are calibrated. Prop configuration, right prop, (Pusher) ran clockwise, the left prop and tail prop (Regular) turned counter clockwise. No luck? I tried all different prop configurations nothing worked? Anybody have any ideas what is causing the Tricopter to spin?

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Hi Joe,

Are you using a Pixhawk?

Are you using a Power Distribution board and have you checked that the ESCs are connected to the PDB in the correct order?

Have you tried running the Mission Planner "Motor Test" as outlined here?

Just to be clear motor 1 is the front right motor, motor 2 is the rear and motor 3 is front left. So your setup is #1 CW-Pusher #2 and #3 CCW-Tractor correct?


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

Hello Nathaniel,

I'm using an Arducopter 2.6, not a Pixhawk. Yes, right front motor #1 is CW using a pusher prop. Motors #2, and #3 CCW. As far as I know the connections are correct. Pins 1,2,4 on the *Output* side of the APM are hooked up to the motors ESC's, while pin 3, (Throttle) is left open. I've just recalibrated the transmitter again, and using the plane setting in *Simple Mode* instead of the Heli to see if that does anything?

Thanks for the input...



I think you are on the right track. The transmitter does need to be setup in Airplane mode NOT heli mode for things to work correctly. I'm not sure what you mean by "Simple Mode". What type of radio are you using? Can you post a copy of your parameter file and perhaps a log file?


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

Hi Nathaniel,

Here's a video link about setting up "Simple Flight Mode" in Mission Planner; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yFL-QgV6LE. The radio is a FS_TH9X by Fly Sky. I don't have a copy of the parameter file. I'll know more tomorrow if the Airplane Mode works or not?



I thought you were referring to your transmitter setup not a flight mode :) Good luck tomorrow, I bet things will go better for you.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

Looksa like you might need to reverse your yaw servo.... RC7_rev -1. According to devs (Randy) tricopter doesn't use motor rotation direction for yaw, only servo, so it doesn't matter which way your props spin as long as the props themselves are correct. i.e. ccw motor with ccw prop and vice versa. 

I just tried the Tricopter again with the new settings. (No luck.) Never did this before? How do you reverse RC7_rev -1?



Full parameters list click find, type RC7, in the rev field enter -1, click onto write settings. This basically reverses the servo direction of the copter.  Let me ask you this: when trying to take off your copter starts spinning like crazy in one direction, correct? If  so, this is your solution. And radio should always be in airplane mode, some radios call it acro as well. 

Hi Artem,

I opened Full Parameters list and and I have 6 different RC's listed? Not sure where to enter -1 to change the setting? (Attached photo)

Thanks for the assist...



I changed the RC7 REV to -1. It did stop the Tricopter from spinning like a top on the floor. (But it still won't fly?) I use small increments to throttle up trying to get it off the ground to hover, but all it does when you increase the throttle to get it to take off it just starts to slide sideways and if to much throttle is used it flips over?


make sure your props are installed correctly i.e. not up side down, also that ccw motor spins a ccw prop and cw motor spins cw prop. motor direction is not mandated on a tricopter, you can use any combinations of cw and ccw rotors. make sure you do all the mandatory hardware configuration.  and follow this wiki: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/table-of-contents/  

p.s. make sure you connect correct ESCs to the correct APM outputs....  if have more problems post a log and a picture of your APM installation. 

Thanks will do. Going to dismantle and reassemble it, just to make sure everything is where it's correct and balanced!

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