Trim changes when switching from Stabilized to Acro


I got my hexa flying quite reliable in both Stabilized and Acro mode as well. However there is a little issue which I am not sure where to put and how to solve.

I fly in Stabilized mode, I trim the hexa out and it flies stable barely wondering around. When I switch to Acro mode it leans a bit backwards and it starts coming toward me. I trim it out, it flies again stable and again barely wondering - but if I switch back to Stabilized mode it will start going away from me and I have to trim it again.

The APM is 2.5+ and i has the latest 2.9.1b.

I calibrated the accelerometers 2-3 times also did a level resetting by holding the throttle/rudder to disam position for 15 seconds - and it is still doing that.

Is there anything I am missing? 

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  • Did you get this resolved? I am having the same issue. I need a ton of back trim or in stabilize it flies forward. In acro it flies back slightly with the trim set correctly for stabilize. I have tried save trim etc with the same results.

  • Any takers on this? Any idea anybody?

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