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John posted a discussion
Hugin UAV. I think it has everything except the main gear. No electronics. Product Page; https://www.fpvmodel.com/remote-control-electric-powered-new-hugin-... $200 plus shipping…
Nov 20, 2017
John posted a discussion
Hey Guys, I am playing with a Wild Thumper 6x6 setup as an ArduRover. I am not so much interested in it being setup for autonomous usage but want to tune the manual operation. Is there a mode or setting I can adjust so that it has heading hold when…
Sep 6, 2017
John replied to Felix Meissner's discussion Steering reversed?
"Nevermind, I think I have it figured out."
May 28, 2015
John replied to Felix Meissner's discussion Steering reversed?

Hmm, I can't verify/compile. I get;

RCmode.ino: In function 'void RCmode()':RCmode:5: error: 'RCspeedpin' was not declared in this scopeRCmode:6: error: 'RCsteerpin' was not declared in this scopeRCmode:11: error: 'RCdeadband' was not…"
May 28, 2015
John replied to Felix Meissner's discussion Steering reversed?
"Were you by chance using the T'rex motor controller? If so, how did you disable skid steering? I am looking at the RC Mode INO but can figure out what needs to be changed.

May 28, 2015
John replied to Randy's discussion AC-3.1 autotune support discussion
"Ok, I used auto tune today for a "normal" quad and it worked great! I have awesome position hold now. But, I then tried it on my X8 and it didn't work. I got a couple twitches but then it refused to do anymore. I think the problem is that I am…"
Nov 29, 2013
John commented on Arthur Benemann's blog post [Update] DroidPlanner v0.9.0
"I have Droid Planner setup on my tablet and working great. I also got a small bluetooth keyboard so it is really easy to navigate. But, the main reason I wanted to use this was to assign different functions to channel 6 so I can tune my…"
Nov 29, 2013
John replied to Guy McCaldin's discussion Disappointing customer service. Slow order fulfillment, wrong item sent, 3DR wants me to pay to resolve the issue.
"I have had a similar experience. I placed an order and got an email that the shirt I ordered wasn't available. I replied and said that is fine, just credit me back for the shirt and ship the order. I got the credit and thought everything was…"
Nov 17, 2013
John replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!
"I am running 3.01 (not an RC) and tried autotune today and it would not engage. I saw that RC4 had an issue with it engaging but didn't see anything about 3.01 having an issue. Anyone have any suggestions on what to check? I have it on channel 7 and…"
Nov 16, 2013
John posted a discussion
So I am about to try using AutoTune but want to make sure I know which position the switch should be in. It is only explained as "Put your switch in the High position to engage auto tuning". Can someone advise approx what value I should be seeing in…
Nov 12, 2013
John replied to John's discussion About to give up (Trim constantly changes, Radio calibration wont "stick"
"Ok, I just updated my MP and rebooted (it had been awhile since I rebooted) and recalibrated the radio and it seems to have fixed the calibration issue. After a couple power cycles it seems to be working now.

Now I just need to figure out the trim…"
Oct 31, 2013
John posted a discussion
So I have been struggling with 2 issues with my APM on an X8.1. After recently resetting to defaults and starting over, the APM will not remember my radio calibration. Regardless of how many times I try, it says it has completed but when I try to…
Oct 30, 2013
John replied to Gábor Zoltán's discussion Adding extra functions to MinimOSD
"Ok, I updated my character set but this still remains. Any ideas?

Edit: I reset to defaults and selected only one item to show and it seems to have fixed the issue. If it comes back as I add items I will post back."
Oct 30, 2013
John replied to Oxxy Fx's discussion Trim changes when switching from Stabilized to Acro
"Did you get this resolved? I am having the same issue. I need a ton of back trim or in stabilize it flies forward. In acro it flies back slightly with the trim set correctly for stabilize. I have tried save trim etc with the same results."
Oct 29, 2013
John replied to John's discussion APM won't remember RC calibration
"I think I figured it out. I have Rssi connected to a0 but didn't specify that in the software. Once I changed that it seems to be sticking now."
Oct 25, 2013
John posted a discussion
APM 2.0 with latest firmware, using PPM from a Futaba FASST system.So I was having some strange issue (turned out to be my own fault, swapped motor outputs, been fixed) and decided to reset everything to default. Everything is working fine now…
Oct 25, 2013