Need info on AutoTune. What does High and Low actually mean?

So I am about to try using AutoTune but want to make sure I know which position the switch should be in. It is only explained as "Put your switch in the High position to engage auto tuning". Can someone advise approx what value I should be seeing in the High and Low positions in Mission Planner? I use a Futaba and they aren't always in line with the rest of the worlds view on channels etc. Really, as technical as the APM and its documentation is, I would think that it would refer to a PWM value as opposed to "High" or "Low"


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  • i asume with low position, it is refered a low ppm value maybe arround or under 900 and high position arround or over 2000, the basic funcion of a on/off switch (boolean) 

    you can check your actual per channel ppm in mission planner in radio calibration section

  • I have the exact same question re: "3. ensure the ch7 or ch8 switch is in the LOW position"

    I can't find any documentation on this "minor" point. I am using a Spektrum DX8.

    Appreciate and answer, as I am dying to test out the Auto Tune.



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