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Andrés Bott replied to John's discussion Need info on AutoTune. What does High and Low actually mean?
"i asume with low position, it is refered a low ppm value maybe arround or under 900 and high position arround or over 2000, the basic funcion of a on/off switch (boolean) 

you can check your actual per channel ppm in mission planner in radio…"
Nov 30, 2013
Andrés Bott replied to Matt Gunn's discussion Let's talk Canon cameras
"i'm not very experienced in aereal photography but, some preliminar test i made went better than i expected, hardfixing the camera to the frame (no bibration reduction or anything else) so i woud sugest:
- use larger proppelers, i'm using graubner…"
Jul 2, 2013
Andrés Bott replied to Miro's discussion Quad crash in auto, no spiral, video included
"Hearing the sound at 0:18 it could be a loose prop, or motor..."
May 30, 2013
Andrés Bott posted a discussion
Hii'm faly new in this forumi know, i know.... new on the forum and goes asking for help... but i woud really apreciate it!!I crashed twice my home-made Quadcopter, using a APM 2.5, both times i was flying stabilize, at low altitude, about 2m (6.5…
May 26, 2013