[Update] DroidPlanner v0.9.0

Another update on DroidPlanner, now it has nicer HUD. The new app (v0.9.0) is on Google Play. 663c4da8-d850-11e2-992b-7d5adc28ff08.png

The new version has the following updates ( v0.9.0 over v0.8.0):

  • New HUD
  • Removing old Terminal screen
  • APM level calibration using a menu button.
  • Ability to read/save parameters from/to a .param file.
  • Russian language available
  • Greek language available
  • Latvian language available
  • German language available
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Improvements to the code structure

I would like to thanks everyone that is getting involved with the project, developing, donating and reporting bugs. Here is a list of the developers. I have made a small video of the project history (using gource), here it is (run in 720p to see the people/folders names):

For more information I suggest the DroidPlanner Wiki page. And as always if you want to help consider donating for the project by buying this app, joining the development team, or reporting a issue/bug/improvement on GitHub.

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  • Developer


    Could you post a video of the operation, seams like a good idea to have the bluetooth keyboard.

    We don't have much to change the tunning, channel 6 behaviur, except for the  parameters listing. But a couple more weeks and we will have a new version with all those features.

  • I have Droid Planner setup on my tablet and working great. I also got a small bluetooth keyboard so it is really easy to navigate. But, the main reason I wanted to use this was to assign different functions to channel 6 so I can tune my altitude/throttle gains to get a stead hover. I do not see an option to assign channel 6. i see channel 7 and 8, but not 6. Is there a way to do this?


  • Developer

    Currently you need to download them from the SD card of the tablet, and use Mission Planner to visualize.

  • how you visualize the logs saved on tablet?

  • Louis Ching, could you detail about your solution? I would like to make some, is it an AP that you connected the radio throught serial? If you can gove detail, model and configuration I appreciate.

  • Developer


    I have added you, I look forward to hear more about your solution.

  • Hi Arthur,Great admiration for your outstanding work!we are currently using the Hi-Power WiFi router(1000mw) as a in air AP, which makes the solution much simpler and shows the advantage of your App. could you add me in your frend list so we can chat by message pls??

  • Arthur, Just to clarify, that motorola xoom 2 i couldnt download from google play and couldnt run 0.8.0 apk was because its running android 3, our doubt is solved.

  • Thanks!

  • Developer

    The best why is the app store, if you can't install from there you are probably don't have all the requirements to run it. Anyway here is a link to an older version, if it works senme a PM and I'll build the last version for you.

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