I'm having difficulties managing prefetched maps, that I haven't been able to find addressed in previous discussions.

To clear out unwanted prefetched map files, I deleted the 'gmapcache' directory from my Mission Planner directory. In the past I thought that this cache directory was recreated by MP, either when the program was launched or when new maps were prefetched; however, this directory is not being recreated on my system (Mission Planner v1.3.44, build 1.1.6240.11550; Windows 8.1). I've even tried re-installing MP, but to no avail.

I have old copies of the gmapcache directory, but if I duplicate them into the MP directory and prefetch a load more maps, these new maps are not being stored in the (user added) gmapcache directory (indicated by no change in the number or magnitude of files in the directory). 

However, when the system is not connected to the web, both (i) newly prefetched maps, and (ii) old maps in the user-inserted gmapcache directory are available to view within MP; which makes me think that the (user added) gmapcache with 'old' maps is visible, but that 'new' prefetched maps may be being stored somewhere else (that I cannot find). 

I need to be able to locate prefetched maps, so I can (i) back the up and (ii) load them onto different computers. Solutions/advice very welcome.

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