I am trying to run simulink Blocks on Ardupilot Mega 2.5 + . The Arduino IDE is included as part of the target install. The IDE includes a folder of standard files for compiling code. These files had to be modified for the simulink blockset. 

The two files are src/io _wrapper.cpp and include/io_wrapper.h in the directory C:/MATLAB/Targets/R2012a/arduino/  

For both files i should simply add the line " #if 0 " before the code and add the line " #endif " to the last line of the files. 

Whenever i open these files in any C++ editor say in Eclipse or CodeBlocks, I can do nothing. I cannot make any changes. The editor does not accept any keyboard input when i punch letters. However i can navigate using the mouse and all other features like auto-highlighting, suggesting etc. seem to work. I cannot make any changes however. 

Does anybody have any idea how to fix this ? 

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Any luck with this? I'm in exact same location right now but I can't locate those files by any means. I've seen it has a lot to do with using any other version besides Matlab 2012b. I take it you're also trying to use this tool?


Someone claimed if you use the Matlab version they used then there should be issues. 

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