Tuning Throttle

Hey Guys,

When I fly my drone I using my fubata 7C I notice that at one notch the drone wants to keep on climbing and the next notch it wants to fall.  Anyway to adjust the throttle values so one of those notches keeps the drone steady?



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  • It is easy to get rid of the rachet.  Just take the back of the Tx off.  On the throttle stick you will see a metal spring/clip that pushes against the notches in the stick.  If I remember correctly, you can just flip the spring over and it will no rachet.  Or just take a pair of pliers and flatten the notch in the clip.  You could just remove the clip, but then the throttle stick flops around.  You want the drag, just not the notches.  Easy fix and you will be much happier.  I hate the rachet even on planes so they are not on any of my Txs.

  • T3
    Your transmitter is for planes and it has ratcheted throttle switch. Helicopter transmitters have no ratchet and their throttle are smooth. I had the same problem with my frist transmitter. Remember even if you have helicopter transmitter you need to set it for plane so you can use the gear switch for your flight modes (ALT HOLD, AUTO, STABILITY, etc.)
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