Turnigy TGY 9x tx transmitter,owners beware!


can you believe it?

after 8 long weeks, one return to 3dr and many attempts at solving I HAVE FLOWN.


Solution - was to reverse the throttle on the Turnigy TGY 9x tx AT the transmitter, NOT in Mission Planner

(I hate reversing throttle in any place - so probably not surprising I delayed fiddling with throttle)

this solved "no green bars to calibrate radio signals" issue in forum and several other erratic starup and setup issues


wow its so good to fly.


BIG thanks to all who helped - oh and the community wide.

Brett G


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  • @R_Levfebre

    Was not obvious to me for a newbey in MP - low PWM for low throttle ? it's in the setup notes but not obvious for an essential step that if ommitted causes major drama - IMHO. probably would be best as a step in itself to test throttle pwm values. better described in troubleshooting though

  • @monroe

    all TGY 9x"s? I guess so. Jason's comment above that most ship the 'wrong' way arund means others are likely to have problems. If a person copies an existing model setup in Tx they won't see the problem. Make a new model and whamo you are back to default with wrong direction on throttle. That was my case and I reversed in MP resulting in more problems than a wet bar of soap/


  • Cool thanks for the update. I have had toy with my turnigy radio a bunch to. I still have a problem with channel 5. But it is flying great. Well I am still repairing for the bird collision last week.
  • Developer

    Almost all electrics expect low PWM for low throttle which is the opposite of how radios are shipped. The CLI test called pwm would have shown you that. Sorry for your troubles.


  • My advice is always do a thorough preflight.  Reversed channels are very easy to catch if you take the time.

    I had a reversed elevator that caused a crash on my first real flight attempt.  Like an idiot I did a silly preflight just for show and didn't bother to really think about which ways the elevator was being thrown.  Once in the air I still could have probably saved things if I had just let go of the sticks.  But not trusting the APM I tried to fly it normally and realized the channel was reversed right as it crashed.

    I swear things were right in the calibration screen and at some point in my shop testing.  So always double check that the channels are working right during preflight.  It really has nothing to do with the transmitter as this is easy to do with any setup.

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