Two frames, one APM and different results

Two frames, one APM/IMU and different results?Quad1: Aluminum based, Motors Turnigy 2217, ESC Turnigy Plush 25A, Battery 3000mah, 60cm MotorToMotor. Weight 1.3kgQuad2: Aluminum based, Motors Roxy 2827/35, ESC Turnigy Plush 25A, Battery 2600mah, 50cm MotorToMotor. Weight 1.1kgI have only one APM/IMU loaded with ArduPirates Rev 527, configured in quad + and standard PIDs.Quad1 with APM/IMU flies okQuad2 with the same APM/IMU has an uncontrollable yaw and it is impossible to take off.I have double check:MotorsESCsPower distribution boardProps CW/CCWConnectionsAny ideas?Thanks in advance!

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  • Radio! Damn it!
    Some old mixes in my radio were the cause of my problems.

    Thanks guys!
  • Thanks for the replies.

    I have tested with two new lipos so I think they are not the problem source.

    I have checked ESCs with a programming card... everything looks normal.

    I have triple-checked CW and CCW props

    I'm using two different RCs... I will review it!

    Any other ideas?

  • maybe some CW and CCW misplaced?
  • Check your lipos. I had pretty weird behavior like yours and reason was a bad battery.

  • Same RC on both?
    Is power distribution okay on the second quad? Maybe one motor (or a pair) isn't getting enough amps?
    Different settings on one of the ESCs? (timing, soft start?)

    Just throwing out ideas...
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