This is a feature request:

On the A2 flight controller, there is a two level battery voltage warning. At the first threshold, the status LED turns yellow simply to indicate to the pilot that the voltage is low. At a second threshold, the status LED turns red and a failsafe (either RTL or Land) is engaged. 

This is super useful when you are flying without telemetry, but you still want to keep track of your batteries.

I would love to see a similar feature for APM! Especially because I'm guessing it would be relatively simple to implement. If i had a few more hours in the day, I would learn enough to code it myself, but you know how these things go... :/

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As-is , nobody really sees the status LEDs while flying, at least not daytime.

Why should the autopilot have multiple alert levels,while it only *needs* one, the one that is actually an action, like RTL, land.

Other warnings are really something that belong to a GCS , I too, would like to see APM Planner have a configured voltage , like: 

if Batt_voltage < (FS_BATT_VOLTAGE-(FS_BATT_VOLTAGE/10))   {we are only 10% from failsafe voltage}

That could be a neat warning to have.

On the other hand, you can have the transmitter to give a visual and audible warning at different levels, and flash LEDs with an device like this:

The point is, the AP itself does not need another battery voltage warning, but the GCS, or telemetry solution, or onboard LED controller must do something clever with information at-hand.

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