TX manual control with APM and elevons.

I'm currently testing APM at my desk using an elevon setup. Currently, I am only using a 2 position switch, 1 position being manual, and 1 being stabilize. Dx6i default settings for plane.

When in stabilize mode, moving the APM/Shield works correctly and treats the servos as if they were controlling elevons to stabilize the plane.

But when using either mode(stabilize or normal), transmitter input treats the plane as if it were using a aileron/elevator setup with one axis moving 1 servo, and the other axis moving the other servo.

I used the CLI to set up the radio, moving both sticks to all four corners. And the modes to set my flight mode 0 or 1 to ap mode switch.

The dip switches are set up the same as the attached picture(which was an example of using the funjet(elevons).

I have plugged from rx: 

Gear - in7. ap control 

Ail - in0. 

elev - in1.

and outputs: 

out0 - servo 

out1 - servo 

out2 - esc.

Any suggestions what would cause this? Do I need to set up the transmitter differently for elevons, or should APM handle the mixing for both tx control and IMU control?


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    Elevon Config DX6i-DX8.doc

  • I got similar problem with elevons, in manual mode ok, in stabilisation mode stabilisation function works ok, servos goes properly, but inputs from RC are in wrong directions, I tried whole day any possible switch combination, but can't get mode when it works right. Looks like it gets some double vtail mixing, from RC and then inside APM.
  • Developer
    To clarify - APM does not do the mixing for manual mode. Part of the manual mode (ie if using channel 8 for mode selection and PWM pulsewidth exceeds 1750 usec) is a direct hardware linkage of the inputs to the outputs for channels 1 to 4, so it would be impossible for APM to provide the mixing in this case.
  • 3D Robotics
    It's just a matter of finding the right DIP combination. You should set up your RC as you would normally for elevons, set APM for elevon mixing, and then find the right combination of switch positions for the other three to match it. A little trial and error will get it.
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