Could an ordinary Arduino function as an Ardupilot with the Ardupilot code and maybe some other addons/modifications? What sets the Ardupilot far apart from an Arduino? If anyone has any ideas on what addons/modifications need to be made with hardware or software please respond ASAP!

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What sets the Ardupilot apart is that it is a system, not just a single board. The actual ArduPilot board is cheaper than an Arduino board. But you need a lot more than that board to have an autopilot. The sensors cost a lot more than the processor.

The ArduPilot board is much better than an Arduino board as a base for the system because of having an integrated failsafe/multiplexor, as well as a bunch of other things.

Spend a little time reading the ArduPilot manual and looking at the various bits of hardware in the DIYDrones store and you will understand better.
Thanks so much!
Think of the Arduino as a apple and the Ardupilot as an apple pie.

Now imagine that this beautiful, delicious pie is even cheaper than the apple.

No contest!

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