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Hello. I am currently trying to configure my UBLOX for use with ArduPilot and cannot figure out what exactly is the problem.  I found the instructions for configuring UBLOX but cannot seem to get data sent from the GPS unit.  The reason I need to do this is that I ought my UBLOX from SparkFun instead of the DIY Store because they were out of them at the time.


 I loaded up U-Center and connect to the USB (com) port that everything is connected to and get a green connected symbol.  So it seems as though everything is connecting.  I am not receiving any data that I can notice.  No satellites are shown in the window or anything.  Maybe I'm not doing something simple to make things work but I am at a loss of why nothing is showing.  I've attached to images, one of the U-Center and one of my ArduPilot connected to the UBLOX. 


ANy ideas or suggestions are welcome.  I think that once I figure out how to connect it the setting up of the UBLOX should be relatively easy.





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  • ahhhh...that may be my problem. I'll do a search for that. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. If you run across the directions before do please post the link.
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    If the second picture is how you are trying to connect to the ublox with ucenter then that is your problem. You cannot "pass through" ArduPilot. You will have to connect the FTDI cable directly to the ublox. Search the site for a diagram of the correct way to connect - ie what pins on the ftdi go to what pins on the ublox header.
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