Hi guys

Recently I have purchased a UBLOX LEA-6 GPS and plugged to my APM 2.5, but I can not get any signal on my MissionPlanner. I was double checking the connection and noticed the cable which came with GPS has wrong polarity (if I'm not wrong). The GND has red wire instead of black, and 5V port is black. There is a tiny red LED at the back of the board. Is it correct?

Thanks for any help

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Thanks Thomas for forum links.

So, according to these discussions, the GPS wiring is ok, but like some other people in these discussions, still my UBLOX doesn't work. Do you have any suggestion?




Did you follow the Wiki - Info: http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot/wiki/ublox ??

So long

Kraut Rob

Hi Kraut

Yes, I had a look to wiki, but it talks about reconfiguration issues, which needs the FTDI and GPS adapter cables to connect to the computer. Since they mentioned (in 3D Robotics website) that the GPS module is pre-configured for APM, I didn't order one. Do you think the only way out to this problem is to purchase these cables and do the reconfiguration on the module?



Since i do not own an ublox i can't really comment on that. But having a FTDI Adapter lying around has proved very useful for me in the past with different flightcontrols and mtk gps. I would not want to miss it.....

I don't know if it is the key to your problem but you could wire your gps directly to the pc with it and see it's output with a terminal program (like realterm etc).

So long

Kraut Rob

It's a good suggestion. I think I should order them.



Chances are that the connector on the LEA-6 is not making good contact with the pads on the printed wiring board. I had an intermittent power problem and had to reflow the connector pins on the printed wiring board which cured the problem.

Just a thought.



Dear Thomas

Thanks for help. I put 915Mhz radio modem very close to the GPS (shown in the photo), Can that cause the problem?



Yes, I would recommend that you don't run those cables over the 915MHz TX. keep the GPS as far away from any transmitter as possible. If you disconnect the radio, you should get a GPS lock if this is the problem.

As for the wrong wiring see this thread http://diydrones.ning.com/forum/topics/3dr-shipped-the-wrong-cable?...

The wires underneath the board where the connector are not aligned with the pads on TOP, confusing to look at, but not incorrect.

If you take a picture of the underneath of the board and post it, we might be able to advise if the connector looks poorly soldered.

Here's a shot of the underside of my board. The highlighted section show the terminals that TCIII mentions. If they look dull that maybe the problem. To test, and I did this for fun, is to disconnect the GPS board completely front the APM. Then connect 5V between the 5V and GND pads on the topside (I soldered on a couple of wires). I could see the proper power-on red LED and then after a bit the flashing blue LED which means GPS lock.

Hi again

Today I received my FDTI cable as well as my GPS adapter cable. I went through the U-BLOX config link (http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot/wiki/ublox) and completed all steps. So, in the final step (uploading 3DR-Ublox.txt configuration file) I faced this error: "ATTENTION:  There were errors/conflicts! Please verify."

As it has been described, the windows should be closed at the end of the process, if everything goes normal. But I got the above-mentioned error. Any idea?

Do you get the red PWR led on when you power the board, does the blue FIX led flash? or even lock? You picture above just shows that you cannot connect to the GPS as before.

Is there a menu option to read the setting from the ublox? try that. ( I don't have the software or FTDI cable to help)

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