I've a ublox M8N GPS, and configuring it via MissionPlanner's MAVserial pass function because I don't have FTDI cable for the moment, and ublox's u-center v8.18.

The issue is, that not all the settings are stored in the GPS, some stored, and some not.

I need to almost reconfigure the GPS after every power up.

Any idea what's going on here?


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as far as I know pixhawk sends his own settings at boot....

I read that you should disconnect the rx cable from the gps to avoid pixhawk sending his settings

Yes, I know that some settings are loaded from MissionPlanner/Pixhawk, but many settings are not available in MissionPlanner.
The strange thing some setting within the GPS are stored, but many of them not.

So backup battery should be OK.

Do you mean that it's not necessary to customize ublox M8N, because Pixhawk will do what it wants?(I mean that will do what user selected in settings)

Guess the setting stored by the gps are the one pixhawk does not set (or reset after boot)

I also know that before disconnecting you have to save the parameter in the appropriate setting window of ublox, but as i said pixhawk will send his own parameter at boot. If you want to use your own paramater disconnect rx wire after setting and saving your parameters

That's a good idea. I'll solder a switch to the Pixhawk's GPS TX port. Hopefully it will solve the issue.

But the best solution would be an option in MissionPlanner that do I want GPS parameters to owerwrite, or not...

" I'll solder a switch to the Pixhawk's GPS TX port": That's a good idea.

"But the best solution would be an option in MissionPlanner that do I want GPS parameters to owerwrite, or not..." : If i remember well it's on the devs todo list. Keep fingers crossed............

I am having the same issue with the NEO-7N

Many of Chinese made M8N GPSes are not using memorychip to store settings. M8N chip cannot store settings inside main chip.

If this is the case, then what's the purpose of the tiny battery on the PCB?

The battery is on the module, not on the chip, but I don't know where the data is stored. So guess the memory would be on the module, but IMHO it will be on the gps chip

To keep the navigation map and last "online" location alive inside gps chip. If you look all jDrones or 3RD uBlox based GPSes. We have external flash memory to store settings.

Thank you Jani for explanation. Guess it means the gps chip can work without external memory, but also guess it will take him longer to get a fix

Yes they can work just fine without flash memory

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