Ublox NEO-N8M Not Recognized by Pixhawk

I just purchased a Pixhawk with a Neo-n8m GPS, but for some reason I can't get the GCS to recognize that there is a GPS lock. I haven't gone through the RC Calibration and whatnot first, as I figured I would get the GPS working first. I am getting a flashing blue light on the GPS itself, and the vehicle is showing up on the minimap with a bit of GPS drift, but there is no HDOP, Sat Count, or anything else GPS relating displaying. 

Any ideas? I've already replaced the Ublox to verify that it was not the problem, and it seems pretty suspicious that the vehicle is showing up on the GCS but won't recognize where that data is coming from.



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  • After getting home from work, I fired up the Pix(hack) with the RC input attached, and went through the RC calibration just to see. Sure enough, once i had that board attached, the GPS status went from 0 to 1. After disengaging the external compass and moving closer to the window, I picked up 10 sats immediately. I guess this was just a classic case of read a step, do a step, get a banana. Don't do step 2, and step 4 won't work.

  • Thanks Chris, I'm pretty sure it is a clone, as 3dr was out of stock and we need it for a build ASAP.  If the vehicle is showing up on the map, isn't the GPS information getting through to the GCS? I don't understand how it could know where it is but be telling the GCS that there is no GPS signal at all...

  • 3D Robotics

    Sounds like an issue with your cable or unit (it sounds like it's a clone). That uBlox is fully supported and standard on many Pixhawk clones.

  • The GPS Status is also showing as "0" rather than "1" this whole time, so it's not a matter of not getting lock. If I unplug the GPS, the vehicle disappears from the minimap as expected... Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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