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Hello friends Diy Drones,I got a new GPS Kit Ublox and did the installation but the ArduStation stopped working.I made the necessary changes in line 1-7 to uBlox as follows:/ / 1-7# define GPS_PROTOCOL 2 / / 0 = NMEA, SIRF = 1, 2 = uBlox, Choose protocolWhen I go back to option 1 = SiRF, using the old MS-406, everything works normally.Can anyone tell me if I need to change anything else?ThanksGerber

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  • While the EM406 supports 56k baud, the uBlox code only supports 38k baud. The Xbees' transmission rate must be adjusted correspondingly. (Oh, and it's all laid out in the guide.) https://geometry-dash.io/
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    The uBlox code works at 38k baud, while the EM406 is at 56k. You need to change the speed of your Xbees accordingly. (BTW, this is all in the manual)
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